Energy supply



Purified and crystalline fructose powder

Average data analysis

Humidity ——————— <0.2%

Fructose ——————– >99.5% sms

Dextrose——————– <0.1%

Raw energy —————– 33980 Kcal/kg

Particle size—————— 82% < 200 micras

The above values are given as an indication and cannot be considered as a guarantee.

Properties and indicators

– Easily assimilated energy contribution.

– It can be used for its high sweetening power in the preparation of pasta or protein cakes

Precautions and storage:

Store in closed containers, away from dust and humidity (highly hygroscopic product). Preferably below 25ºC and with a relative humidity below 60%.
Preferential consumption: 2 years after the date of manufacture.


25 kg bag. 800 kg pallet

Monosaccharide with great sweetening power. It can be used in most formulas.

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