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Fresh Larva

fresh frozen larva obtained from the biotransformation of plant material by the black soldier fly.


Pea Protein

Highly concentrated protein extracted from yellow peas by a wet milling process.


Camelina oil

An oil rich in omega 3 and 6, extracted from the seeds of Camelina sativa. National production. NON GMO.


Citrus pulp

Co-product obtained by means of pressing orange and mandarin during the elaboration of juice.



Powdered glucose, obtained after hydrolysis of starch of NON-GMO origin.


Wheat Protein

NON-GMO wheat gluten with a high level of protein and high viscoelasticity in its hydrated form.


Gluten feed

Fraction of corn composed mainly of fibre, and enriched with starch, soluble protein and oligoelements.

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